Flights, hotels and rental cars.

BEASY is exclusively reserved for companies – you need a tax identification number (VAT). For safety reasons all details are checked prior to activation. Without registration there is indeed the ability to query offers – but a reservation is not possible. The application is very simple – details can be found here.

BEasy can be used anytime, even the ticketing works automatically. Only the process for the lump-sum registration is completed manually for safety reasons by our accounting team after careful consideration. Please understand that this needs some time and is only possible within the local service hours (Mon – Fri / 8.00 – 18.00).

BEasy offers a comprehensive set of offerings as well as all airlines. In addition, hotel and car rental prices are clearly listed and can be compared easily. Offers will be queried each tangible. Although not using a buffer marginally extended the response time, however guarantees that offers are always as current as possible and thus also available. Forwarding to other websites is not applicable by standard transactions in principle – this guarantees amongst others, that safe collected data in the profile is also available and doesn´t need to be each recorded. Many customers appreciate that advertising, for example holiday arrangements or consumer goods are refrained. Furthermore you benefit from a fair handling fee of € 10.00 per booking (regardless whether flight, hotel and / or car rental). And of course, optional service made ​​in Austria: for rebookings, cancellations or other services the booking experts of BTU Business Travel Unlimited are available – on request also via 24-hour emergency hotline. For navigational support or technical questions you can contact the Online Support Team (Mon – Fri / 9.00 – 17.00) – Services & fees you can found here.

There is an obvious price difference. BEasy is a selfbooking tool – every step from inquiry to the settlement must be made itself. This personal effort and thus responsibility is considered, only for the provision of the professional reservation system, the administration and the statutory framework, a fee by € 10.00 per booking is collected. The experts of BTU Business Travel Unlimited have additional ways to find the cheapest option especially with complex travel orders. Also good contact with airlines is often a support in case of problems. If personal & individual counseling is preferred, appropriate higher fees are charged.

BEasy is designed exclusively for booking of business trips. To book private trips online, we recommend to contact “Die Reiserei” –


Airlines offer different service classes with variable rates per flight. It can be possible, that a lower price is obtained in a request for 1 person than for 2 people. BEasy is therefore coded in a way, where you can only book for 1 traveler per request. However, there is the possibility to request “Copy” and – without typing details again – book for another traveler the same flight, often at the same, but always the best price then available.

In the choice of flights you can see the total price including all fees. In the hotel or rental car selection, the “Beasy fee” of € 10.00 will be added not till booking. You pay lump-sum € 10.00 per booking (regardless whether flight, hotel and / or car rental), therefore, this is only in the fare immediately obvious.

Calls to the BEasy-Service-Line +43/1/51 6 51 – 2626 within specified service hours are generally free of charge. For navigational support or technical questions, the Online Support Team is available (Mon – Fri 9.00 – 17.00), usually also at no charge. For questions about an existing booking you reach the booking experts of BTU Business Travel Unlimited (Mon – Fri 8.00 – 18.00) – fees for rebookings, cancellations and other services can be found here. Outside the service hours your call will be transferred to our 24-hour emergency hotline (€ 35.00 per call / excl. applicable fees) on request.

Via e-mail to the specified e-mail address.

No problem, in beasy.on you can found at the bottom of the footer “Forgot Your Password?” – just click and you will automatically receive an e-mail with the password.

Privacy is a very special concern to us. BEasy works with proven encryption technology: 128-bit SSL process. Credit card data will be stored only once in the system and need not be entered again. In addition, the credit card number is only shown encrypted on the screen.

Yes, simply press in the personal user profile “Delete registration”.

cytric is the name of a the booking software of the tool, coded und distributed by I:FAO GmbH, based in Frankfurt/Main.


A flight booking is at the latest 3 hours before departure possible and at the earliest 11 months in advance. However, some airlines can reduce this time frame.

Basically, any type of air travel is possible – roundtrips, one-ways or jaw flights (return flight location is not identical to departure location). For complex air travel arrangements, however, it is recommended to book via booking team to find the cheapest option (Tel +43/1/51 6 51 -2626).

Flights are billed via credit card which is stored in the user’s personal profile or entered at booking completion. Accepted are Air Plus, American Express, Diners Club, Visa and Mastercard.

With your ticket number or your reservation code you can execute your web check-in on the particular airline website. Here you will find direct links.

The flight ticket will be issued immediately after booking closure by an automatic ticketing process (also outside the service hours).

Yes, you can pre-enter all the frequent flyer numbers in the personal user profile or before booking completion. We strongly recommend verifying at check-in, whether the airline has also recorded the appropriate number.

Yes, you can record special requests such as extra meals, seat preference, or any other requests before booking completion.

No, for this services the consulting team via BEasy-Service-Line +43 (1) 51 6 51 -2626 is available. Please note that additional fees incurred.

Hotel / Car Rental

Costs for hotel and rental car are not debited of the stored credit card automatically (specified in user profile or after booking completion). This is considered rather as a guarantee for the provider. Accepted are Air Plus, American Express, Diners, Mastercard and Visa. Only on-site the hotel or rental car will be paid (cash or via credit card). Should a settlement in advance (with voucher) be desired, a solution can be searched by the consulting team (Tel +43/1/51 6 51 -2626). Please note that additional service fees incurred.

This can be changed or cancelled (subject to provisions / hotel provider fees) online via BEasy. On request it is also possible via consulting team (Tel +43/1/51 6 51 -2626). Please note that additional service fees incurred.